Sell your home with these guaranteed tips

Posted by orranceplum On November 30, 2014

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In Torrance, the real estate market is very competitive among a certain demographic. Located just outside of uber-expensive Redondo Beach, the gem of The South Bay is highly appealing to homeowners looking for a good house at a reasonable price in a great location. However, with all of the competition, owners who want to sell need to step up...

Why LA’s wet winter may rain disaster on your home

Posted by orranceplum On December 9, 2014

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Make no mistake – Los Angeles and the state at large is still in a drought, despite recent rains. Our record dry conditions are expected to continue through 2015, although last week’s storms suggest that Angelenos are in for a very wet winter. Heavy rain recently flooded areas near The Pacific Ocean, and as far east as Glendora. Fortunately,...

Home repair checklist for 2015 — are you ready?

Posted by orranceplum On December 22, 2014

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As 2014 comes to a close, it’s a good time to take a minute and reflect on your home improvement work for the year. Whether you painted the house, put in sprinklers, or even hired a plumber for trenchless sewer repair, take stock of the ways in which you augmented your home’s value… …and then focus on what’s next. 2015 is right around...