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Earlier today a major explosion rocked an oil refinery in Torrance. Reportedly, the incident caused a major fireball and was felt by residents in nearby areas of this Los Angeles neighborhood. Minor injuries were reported but thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

According to an interview with one of the employees at the refinery, workers escaped harm after the explosion due to a rehearsed and well-executed safety plan. Rather than scattering and all trying to evacuate the premises at once, they followed their emergency protocol, and met at a designated location.

Most Los Angeles residents aren’t susceptible refinery fires, but in the event of a natural disaster, gas explosion, flood or even a burst sewer line, it’s always a good idea to have a disaster plan in place. Here are a few tips that can help you prepare for the fall-out of an emergency. 

Have a designated meeting spot

No matter the type of disaster, you should know what to do as soon as it’s over. In extreme cases, your reaction time can mean the difference between finding safety and suffering from the aftermath. Always know where to go as soon as you can safely move from your area. Perhaps designate a safe, out-of-harm’s-way destination in your home. Of course, in the event that we experience of LA’s infamous earthquakes, this safety spot may change, depending on whether or not it’s been damaged in the shaking. So have a second destination in mind as well.

Maintain communication 

Co-workers at the Torrance refinery made it out safely in part thanks to communication. It’s important to communicate with your family, roommates, friends, etc., after a disaster. If a fire breaks out at home, talk to each other. Alert people to danger areas and update the status of your safety. If you get caught in a water main break such as those that exploded recently in Westwood, Hollywood and other neighborhoods, identify a safe place of refuge and alert authorities immediately.

Of course, you can always minimize the chance of an emergency at home by taking preventative measures. Plumbing disasters in particular can be avoided with a simple inspection from the best plumber in Los Angeles. Torrance Plumbing Co can oversee your home’s old pipes, check the stability of your water main and even flush your water heater. Whether you live near Walt Disney Concert Hall or in Santa Monica, our team of technicians will ensure plumbing stability, and can even help in the event of, say, an unexpectedly burst pipe. 

Follow the news 

Odds are that, if there’s a major incident like the Torrance oil refinery explosion, the news will provide you with updates. Stay current with the events as they develop. In addition to disseminating information, television, internet and radio can give you vital warnings about road closures, danger areas, and general fallout. You don’t want to venture into the wrong place before the problem is fixed. Not only are you likely to get trapped in traffic jams and crowds, you may be subjecting yourself to further harm. An earthquake could cause buildings in certain areas to become unstable; nuclear power plants can release toxins into the air. Follow the news to avoid the aftermath of a disaster.