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Every Valentine’s Day, Los Angeles couples feel pressured by society to give not just any gift, but the most amazing gift ever. Instead of stressing over the perfect gift, focus instead on the element of surprise. The best presents are the ones we wanted but didn’t see coming.

Which is why this year you should give your partner the gift of plumbing.

Yes, you read that correctly. Unless you’ve remodeled your house lately, getting sexy new fixtures, appliances or even entire room remodels in the home can actually be pretty romantic. And depending on how big of a project you take on, you may be able to surprise your partner.

Here are some plumbing presents guaranteed to make any significant other swoon.

A new kitchen

Realtor experts often say that a house is sold on the kitchen alone. That’s because the kitchen is where you end up spending a great deal of time. Plus, cooking is an evocative, inspiring and pleasurable experience (well eating is, anyway). Consider swapping out your old counter tops for granite or butcher block; replace the lighting with rustic or vintage overhead lamps; add a chalkboard wall to scroll recipes and To Do lists.

If you really want to go the extra mile, you can re-arrange the room to create more storage. You’ll need the help of the best plumber in Los Angeles to re-route the pipes, but it’s worth it. Torrance Plumbing Co can help transform your kitchen, whether you live in Downtown LA or Santa Monica (we can fix that leaky faucet you’ve been trying to ignore while we’re there).

Basin sinks

It may sound odd, but sinks have become a focal point among design trends. Gone are the generic, shallow metal and porcelain sinks for the kitchen and bathroom. They’ve been usurped by oversized, deep basin sinks. While these evoke a rustic, even industrial mood, they also serve practical purposes. The added depth allows homeowners greater flexibility when washing. Whether you just need to cleanse your hands or wash a stack of dishes, basin sinks are a nice alternative to their traditional counterparts. And their modern look is sure to impress your Valentine.

Luxury faucets

Nothing creates a mood in a home more than its luxury fixtures. Architecture and furniture set the stage, but the details – door handles, knobs, and of course, plumbing fixtures – complete the picture. Imagine surprising your partner on Valentine’s Day. He or she comes home form work to find all new, high-end faucets that look sleek and contemporary.

Not sure where to start? Faucet companies now offer a variety of choices, from old-fashioned Gantry models to ultra-modern prep faucets that transform any kitchen sink into a restaurant-ready cooking experience. You can also choose different models depending on the room of the house. You may want your bathroom faucets to project elegance, while those in your kitchen can project a stripped-down industrial mood – or vice versa. Do a little research and figure out which option your partner will most enjoy.