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Let’s face it.  There are hundreds, maybe thousands of plumbers in this Los Angeles.  It’s no wonder; plumbing is a great profession.

According to a recent New York Times article, plumbing is experiencing a boom right now.  If you’re properly trained and have been on the job for a while, you can make a good living while providing a valuable service.

However, many of us have probably encountered plumbers who were less than talented.  They probably looked shabby, and worked dirt cheap because they lacked the skills needed to properly handle the job.

When we hire someone to work in our homes, we want it to be hassle free.  If the worker is untrained or inexperienced, a simple pipe repair could snowball into a flooded kitchen (or worse), costing you extra time and money.

On the other hand, some of the more esteemed handymen inflate their prices just because they can.  So where do you turn for the right balance of credibility and savings?

The answer is really not that difficult.  For the best Los Angeles plumber, Torrance Plumbing and Heating has a dedicated team ready to serve you.

For almost one hundred years, we’ve provided this city’s most trusted plumbers.  Think about that.  Even in the early twentieth century, we offered the tools necessary to deal with people’s water-related needs.

Of course, the everyday plumbing problems in 1917 weren’t exactly the same as they are today.  At that point, tap water had only been available for about thirty years, and was still relatively new in homes.

Likewise, the cost of producing valves, fixtures and fittings had recently gone down.  Rich people and the poor alike could now afford to have reliable plumbing in their homes, while bathrooms were also becoming more streamlined for everyone.

Previously, there was a division between the bathrooms (or water closets) of the rich, which were large and lavishly decorated with big bathtubs – and those of the poor, who basically had to use small, uncomfortable closets.

Development in plumbing in Los Angeles was particularly swift, as the city underwent a huge population growth in the mid twentieth century.  The weather and allure of Hollywood brought people here in droves, which meant houses needed to be built – houses with working water.

Of course, through all of this, Torrance Plumbing and Heating met the needs of the swelling city.  As residential infrastructure became more efficient, we kept up with the times.

Flexible water supplies increased the versatility of indoor plumbing.  Connecting a faucet to a home’s water supply became easier, and allowed all homes to adopt proper plumbing.

We like to consider ourselves as always staying ahead of the times, which is why we’ve been around for so long.  Our team adapted to the newest developments in plumbing, and was quick to employ them.

It didn’t take long for residents and companies to figure this out.  Ours became a name you could trust, and it remains that way today.