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It’s only May, and Southern California has already seen a pattern of heat waves.  Even here in the comfortable South Bay, the thermometer has climbed up to certifiably hot temperatures.

Part of this is due to record dryness and the drought.  But let’s be honest, as we edge towards summer, our city just gets hot, no matter what.  Hitting the beach or enjoying one of Torrance’s city parks is a great way to cool off, but what about when you’re at home?

We can’t change the climate, but luckily we can adapt to it.  There’s no reason why we should have to suffer in the heat.

The good news is you have time to prepare, as we’re still a month or so away from when the sun starts beating down.  There’s plenty of time to buy a new AC unit, or make sure your old one is working.

This is critical.  How disappointed will you be when that first hot weekend hits, and you go to turn on your AC only to find that it’s broken?

There are a few simple ways to check your cooling system yourself.  The first thing you want to do is clean it as much as possible.  Dust has probably collected on it during the colder months, and you don’t want it blowing in your face.  The next step is to simply turn it on.  Does it blow cold air?

Another sign to look for is humidity.  Sometimes an excess of humid air blowing over the cold coils inside the machine will become ice, and interrupt the flow of air.  In these instances, you can try turning the machine off for a while, and then back on.

If you’re still experiencing a lack of cold air after trying these methods, it’s time to call a professional.  Torrance Plumbing and Heating offers the best air conditioner repair Los Angeles customers can get.

For over ninety five years, we’ve served the southland for all of its plumbing and heating needs.  Whether it’s fixing leaks in the kitchen, replacing a clogged toilet, or repairing a home heater, our business is available 24/7 to meet your demands.

There are several ways our trained professionals can service your broken AC unit.  These aren’t necessarily recommended as DIY projects, since they require a certain level of training, and in some instances can be dangerous.


If your unit is blowing air but it’s just not cold, we might try checking the filter.  A dirty filter could prevent the machine from working properly.  In any case, we’ll turn off the breaker to your house first.  If the unit turns on unexpectedly while we’re servicing it, one could potentially lose a finger.


Another method we might employ is to check the drain, pan and pump.  This will allow us to see if there’s a buildup of mold, which could potentially keep cold air from properly flowing.


No matter what the issue is, Torrance Plumbing and Heating is your best bet for air conditioner repair in Los Angeles.  Call us today.