Heating & Air Conditioning Services Los Angeles Can Count On

Welcome to Torrance Plumbing and Heating, your answer to quality air conditioning, heating and plumbing services.  Our name speaks for itself – we are here to provide for your residential, commercial and industrial needs throughout your property. Whether it’s a leaking faucet or a faulty air conditioning unit, your problem can be solved.

Here at Torrance Plumbing company, we’re not just experts at keeping your plumbing systems in tip top shape—we’re trained specialists in keeping all of the important aspects of your home in order, and that includes heating and cooling.

Here in the Golden State, especially in Los Angeles and Southern California, most people are under the impression that we only have one season: hot and beautiful. But we all know that’s just not the case.

Whether it’s the quality heater repair Los Angeles residents have trusted us for, or the air conditioning repair that’s kept them cool when it counts, we’ve been in the business of providing repairs and installations for nearly 100 years—long before air conditioning units were even a reality.

Since 1917, we’ve been helping residents and business owners from Pasadena to Palos Verdes with top-notch plumbing and heating techniques that have gained us a reputation as more than just your average Los Angeles heater repair team. Whether it’s a busted heat pump, a broken A/C valve, or a problem in the electrical wiring, we have the tools and the know how to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and at a price you can actually be excited about.

With close to ten decades under our belt serving the greater Log Angeles area, folks from the Foothills to the Valley know and trust us to be friendly, honest, and straightforward. When you have a problem, we don’t waste your time, and we’re quick to give you peace of mind—because you know that the team Torrance trusts is on your side.

We offer 2/7 emergency air conditioner repair Los Angeles customers can trust in the middle of the night or in the heat of the day. When you give us a call we can be to you within an hour, and we’ll give you a free estimate, upfront, so that you know exactly what kind of service you’re getting.
Heater & Air Conditioning Installation
Beyond repairs, if you’re a business or homeowner that’s beginning to feel some of the extreme temperaments of LA, you may simply need an installation. We use the best products from companies like Energy Star to keep you as toasty or cool as you need to be. The air conditioner installation Los Angeles homes need may not be called for until mid spring or even summer, but there’s no too late for us!

We draw on our skilled teams of professionals to get the job done quickly and cleanly, with expert efficiency and a group of workers who don’t just know the area, but live and work in it.

We don’t just care to provide the top notch heater installation Los Angeles residents know us for, we want you to know that when you call Torrance Plumbing and Heating, you’re getting a company that cares.

Whether you’re in Century City or stuck in traffic on Santa Monica Boulevard; an aspiring actor in North Hollywood, or an executive living out in Manhattan Beach, we care to give you the service that you really deserve.

So don’t hesitate: call Torrance, and get your temperature back to where it should be today!