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Here in California especially, it’s not a totally foreign idea to have to be prepared for an earthquake. So when you’ve already prepped for the tough stuff, like making sure you know to get under your desk, cover your head hope for the best, what are some of the practical implications of dealing with an earthquake when considering your home?

As you’re surely well aware, any outdoor plumbing systems that you may have are underground, which is the first place that an earthquake affects. Beyond that, the main bulk of your copper piping, drains, and a other plumbing systems run through your walls, which are also very susceptible to earthquake activity. So does that mean you’re totally vulnerable? Will the damage it causes be unfixable?

We’ve got good news: since we’ve been around close to 100 years, we’ve been through earthquakes such as Whittier and Northridge that occurred not too long ago. We’ve seen good and bad situations in both, but nothing that’s ever totally beyond repair.

Practically speaking, there are things like trenchless sewer line repair that can make fixing outdoor systems easier without doing extra damage to your lawn—and it’s always good to know that the best part about plumbing is that it can always be fixed!

Whether it’s a PVC pipe extension, or your shower drains that get hit the hardest, any good plumber can navigate these systems quickly, find the problem, and leave the affected area even cleaner than it was before.

So have peace of mind, that even if an earthquake rattles your plumbing, there’s always someone near to help fix it.