Is My Plumbing Safe From an Earthquake?

Posted by orranceplum On March 19, 2014

Categories: Earthquakes

Here in California especially, it’s not a totally foreign idea to have to be prepared for an earthquake. So when you’ve already prepped for the tough stuff, like making sure you know to get under your desk, cover your head hope for the best, what are some of the practical implications of dealing with an earthquake when considering your home?...

Summer is approaching – Can your A/C handle it?

Posted by orranceplum On May 20, 2014

Categories: Heating & A/C

It’s only May, and Southern California has already seen a pattern of heat waves.  Even here in the comfortable South Bay, the thermometer has climbed up to certifiably hot temperatures. Part of this is due to record dryness and the drought.  But let’s be honest, as we edge towards summer, our city just gets hot, no matter what.  Hitting...

Is Your Plumber Experienced?

Posted by orranceplum On May 21, 2014

Categories: Plumbing

Let’s face it.  There are hundreds, maybe thousands of plumbers in this Los Angeles.  It’s no wonder; plumbing is a great profession. According to a recent New York Times article, plumbing is experiencing a boom right now.  If you’re properly trained and have been on the job for a while, you can make a good living while providing a...

4 plumbing scams to avoid

Posted by orranceplum On May 23, 2014

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We’ve all been there.  A plumbing problem arises and we have to hire someone to work in our home.  This can be a stressful situation.  Not only is your house under duress, but you now have a stranger working in your personal space. How do you know you can trust your plumber?  This doesn’t apply to just private residences either.  Maybe...