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Anaheim is home to Disneyland, attracting tourists from all over the world. In between taking care of the everyday demands like grocery shopping and squeezing in family time at the City National Grove of Anaheim, there is never enough time available in each day. Plumbing is something that remains more of an afterthought due to a hectic lifestyle. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, Anaheim households know all too well how challenging it can be to resolve a plumbing issue. The plumbing contractors Anaheim homeowners have come to trust are able to diagnose, detect and repair piping systems and plumbing fixtures that are causing problems. Call Torrance Plumbing 24/7 for expert service for your plumbing problem!

Why does clogging occur?

Clogging is one of the most common problems reported for plumber Anaheim clients. Clogging problems can occur for several reasons. Items being discarded of inappropriately are often one of the most common reasons why this problem happens. Toilet paper, grease, hair and other items not disposed of properly can eventually lead to build up, which results in clogging. Clogging in the bathroom sink is more commonly associated with bathrooms due to the fact that hot water isn’t used as frequently. Some people resort to using plungers to eliminate clogs. Unfortunately, this is often a short term fix. Others resort to using liquid plumbing agents, which can relieve clogging but cause significant damage to the piping. The best approach is to rely on Anaheim plumbers to assist in resolving clogging problems. This prevents excessive damage from happening to the pipes that could lead to having to replace them. This can also guarantee that the issue and its root cause are both addressed. A plumber Anaheim residents can trust will address the problem before it becomes a major one.

What to look for:

  • Water backing up in sink
  • Toilet gurgling
  • Toilet bubbling when sink runs
  • Rotting food smell in the sinks and drains

When does clogging become a plumbing emergency?

If the clogging affects all of the plumbing in the home where all sinks and bathrooms are affected, this is considered a plumbing emergency in which the emergency plumber Anaheim has trusted for years should be contacted immediately.

Why do drainage problems occur?

Drainage problems can occur for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons for this problem is root invasion. Roots that are able to penetrate a cracked pipe can cause the clogging to occur and inhibit the flow of water. Minerals that harden can also obstruct the pipes and put undue stress on the systems. The sedimentation that has formed acts a wall blocking the flow of water. If the toilet is flushed and the water backs up repeatedly into the tub, there may be sewer drainage problems. Gurgling in the toilet is often caused by problems with the main sewer line system. Issues like a bellied pipe, leaking joints, broken or corroded pipes can impact drainage performance for the piping system. Plumbers in Anaheim recognize the need for preventing extensive damage by accurately diagnosing the cause and making the necessary repairs immediately.

What to look for:

  • Toilet slow to refill
  • Garbage disposal not functioning problem
  • Water staining
  • Accumulation of mold problems

When do drainage problems become a plumbing emergency?

Drainage problems are considered a plumbing emergency that needs to be quickly resolved if sewage begins to back up in the tub and the home. When the toilets are no longer able to be flushed, this is considered a major plumbing emergency. Sewer lines can also wear down over time and potentially break. If that happens, trust the sewer repair Anaheim residents & businesses have been trusting for years to fix the problem, Torrance Plumbing & Heating.

Why do water leaks occur?

If the water pressure is too high in the home, a water leak can occur. Some forms of clogging can actually contribute to a leaking problem. Anything from soap residue to a lodged toy can cause a leak to occur. Aging pipes is a common problem in older homes. This problem can lead to water leaks if the pipes are in poor shape and are beginning to deteriorate. Pinhole leaks caused by corrosion can eventually become larger holes that can make a leaking problem noticeable. Root invasion is another common problem that causes damage to the pipes. Water loss is often attributed to root invasion. Anaheim plumbing technicians can immediately detect the origin of the problem and save homeowners money through early intervention.

What to look for:

  • Water bill suddenly increases
  • Wall areas become discolored
  • Odors emanating from drains
  • Cracks in the foundation of the home

When do water leaks become a plumbing emergency?

Leaks are considered a plumbing emergency when there is flooding that occurs. An Anaheim plumber should be contacted right away when there is a risk of property damage. If the problem becomes unsanitary, a plumbing technician should be contacted immediately. If there is only one bathroom in the home, a plumber should be contacted.

Why contact a professional plumber

Most people are reluctant to contact a plumber immediately when they notice smaller problems. Sluggish drainage can indicate that extensive damage is happening and that impending, costly sewer repairs are fast approaching. Pinhole leaks signal corrosion and can leads to pipes bursting. A pipe that has burst can cause internal flooding and damage to the foundation. It can also affect a larger area of the piping system, ultimately leading to the total replacement of the system. Clogging can mean that there is too much stress on the pipes.

A plumber can put together a plan to prevent extensive damage to the property. Their intervention can translate into savings for the homeowner in some cases where issues like water loss and consumption are concerned. Usually, issues like root invasion and pipe corrosion can be detected early enough to where only a smaller portion of the piping system is affected by the problem. Energy savings, early detection of plumbing problems, and routine maintenance keep plumbing repair costs low.

The plumbing services Anaheim residents benefit from the most include preventive maintenance by Torrance Plumbing Company experts. Issues that aren’t resolved earlier on can become costly to resolve. Not only do these plumbing problems affect the piping system, they can also lead to water, mold and property damage. The plumbing companies in Anaheim work exclusively with the most skilled technicians to guarantee prompt service and quick resolution of any type of problem. From fixing leaky pipes to providing the water heater repair Anaheim has relied on for years, we cover it all. If you are having plumbing issues be sure to give the trained staff at Torrance Plumbing a call today!