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As Malibu plumbers, we see our fair share of beautiful homes. Whether they’re large estates perched on the bluffs of The Pacific Ocean, or cool bungalows nestled in The Santa Monica Mountains, this coastal town is home to some of Los Angeles’ best houses – and worst plumbing problems. While pinhole leaks affect homes in every county, Malibu residents seem to get hit with them more than most areas.

If you’re not familiar – pinhole leaks are tiny, pin-sized holes that develop in copper pipes. They tend to sneak up on you as their damage isn’t immediately apparent. Because of their size, pinhole leaks affect your walls slowly over time. But often the effects are severe and require significant repairs.

Here are some things that all homeowners should know about these small but damaging leaks.



Most copper pipes eventually corrode. When the corrosion reaches a certain point, it starts to eat away at the pipe wall from the inside. As a result, small leaks begin to form. One of the most frustrating aspects to these leaks is that you may never even know you have them. Corrosion doesn’t always manifest itself in any obvious way. In extreme cases, your tap water may become slightly discolored or have an off smell, but most of the time, signs of corrosion are subtle if non-existent.


When it comes to pipes, copper is a commonly used material. New developments along The Pacific Coast Highway may use alternative materials such as PVC or PEX, but copper remains a go-to choice for many contractors because of its durability. But the material is not without its problems. When copper ages, it tends to weaken and become susceptible to corrosion. In addition to leaks, many residents worry about the effects of corrosion in their drinking water. Copper may be durable, but it’s not necessarily ideal for those seeking higher levels of safety and reliability. 


Repair or replace the pipe

 If you or a plumber determine that you have pinhole leaks, all is not lost. True, you may have to account for any resulting water damage, but you can stop the problem from getting worse. If you’re particularly handy, you may try repairing it yourself. Otherwise, you’ll need the help of the most skilled plumber that Malibu has to offer. Torrance Plumbing & Heating services homes from Zuma Beach to Point Magu State Park, and in addition to fixing clogged drains and sewer lines, our trained technicians will repair your pinhole leaks. We can cut out the affected section of pipe, or replace it altogether.

Install a water filter

If you live in a home with older pipes and want to stop a pinhole leak before it starts, you can try installing a water filter for the home. Many people are familiar with filtering through refillable water pitchers, but there is a more holistic solution. A trained professional can install a filter directly on or near your home’s water main. This way, the water pumping into your pipes will already be free of debris and other materials that cause pipes to corrode.