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As the annual Oscars ceremony approaches this weekend, Los Angeles residents are undergoing major preparations. Viewing parties are being organized; fans are catching up on everything they haven’t seen (don’t forget those documentaries!); and of course, we’re all planning to steer clear of Hollywood. Angelenos would actually do better to simply hole up in Santa Monica for the weekend, and get as far away from The Dolby Theater as possible.

Now that we’ve inspired you to plan a fun stay-cation along The Pacific Ocean for the next few days (you’re welcome), join us as we consider the role of plumbing, plumbers and other water-related events from the movies. Is any of it depicted accurately? Let’s take a look at some films.


Despite a seemingly massive budget and at least one certified movie star, Noah was largely snubbed by the academy this year. Whether or not this was earned is hard to say as we haven’t actually seen it. However, we do know that the movie depicts the classic story of Noah’s Ark. We’re less concerned with the quality of the film (reviews were mixed) than we are with the treatment of the flood in the movie.

According to the trailer and promotional imagery for the film, the flood looked like what we as plumbers would describe as a “hellish nightmare.” We’ve seen our fair share of burst pipes and flooded homes and businesses in Los Angeles. The really disastrous jobs make us wish that all we had to do was build a giant ark and find 2 of every animal to occupy it. Yikes! In this regard, Noah is a success.

The Super Mario Brothers

As Santa Monica plumbers serving a variety of customers and properties, we see all kinds of unusual problems. But we can’t say that we’ve ever had to deal with inter-dimensional portals, dinosaurs or mushroom people as is the case in The Super Mario Brothers movie. Plumbers / brothers, Mario and Luigi don’t actually do a whole lot of plumbing in the film. Rather they spend most of their time traveling to other dimensions and trying to save a girl… We think. The plot is surprisingly complicated for a kids’ movie.

However, the bros are forced to deal with exposed pipes, which set off the main action of the movie (it’s a long story). This is something we can actually relate to. As the most experienced plumber in Santa Monica, Torrance Plumbing & Heating knows how to repair busted pipes, and identify old copper lines in need of a fix. From Montana Ave to Santa Monica Place, we’ll protect your property from leaks, floods and clogs (though we make no promises about dinosaurs).


Okay, this move isn’t about plumbing. Not even a little bit. However, the force of JK Simmons’ performance in this Oscar-nominated film as an unconventional and borderline abusive drum instructor reminds us of what it’s like to deal with a true plumbing emergency. Dangerous, powerful and unruly – these are all qualities that can describe both the character and a busted sewer line, burst pipe, and especially a natural disaster. Sometimes we show up to a job and water is spewing uncontrollably, soaking kitchens, bathrooms and yards, and requires skill and confidence to stop and repair it. We imagine this is similar to being Simmons’ student.