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Are you doing your home more harm than good? When a repair needs to be done around the house, many Beverly Hills residents want to try to fix it themselves. Most of us don’t like to feel helpless, and have probably had a little home improvement success in the past. Why shouldn’t we be able to at least give it a shot?

The trick is knowing when you’re out of your depth. A clogged toilet might be easily plunged, and a stuck drain is often fixed by some simple un-screwing and cleaning. But what about the big household problems? The ones that flood your home or put your life at risk. These should be the exception to any homeowners’ DIY dreams.

For a list of issues that should always be left to a professional, check out this list:

Gas leak repair

Among all potential home emergencies, a gas leak is perhaps the most dangerous. At best, they can be repaired by an experienced plumber or utility company without incident. At worst, they can lead to an explosion that destroys your home. The stakes are high, indeed, which is why you should never try to patch a leak. If you smell gas, gather your family and evacuate the home. Many people make the mistake of poking around, trying to locate the source of the leak, but this could prove to be a fatal error. In serious circumstances, just using electricity can provide the necessary spark to cause an explosion. Always call a professional.

Sewer line replacement

Sewer lines run underground on your property and serve an essential function. As you might guess, they facilitate the back-and-forth flow of waste water for your house. While these are generally stable and don’t break often, a burst sewer line qualifies as a stop-everything-and-call-a-plumber emergency. Often, your yard may flood with noxious sewer water, saturating the lawn and creating awful odors.

If this happens to you, call the most skilled plumber in Beverly Hills for immediate service. Torrance Plumbing Co will repair the disrupted or clogged line. Whether you live near Rodeo Drive or The Four Seasons Hotel, we’ll use minimally invasive procedures to return your pipes and yard to normal.

Mold removal

Make no mistake – mold is deadly serious. An outbreak may look innocent enough. Typically, it reveals itself via a collection of gray or black spores, which might seem like an easy fix: remove the affected part of the wall or just scrape them away. However, these solutions just won’t work. While minor outbreaks can be resolved on your own with the right cleaning solution (always wear protective gloves and mask), anything beyond a minor incidence requires the work of a professional.

Mold tends to spread through areas of excessive moisture, like bathrooms, walls and floor boards adjacent to pipes, and more. Because it’s toxic, it can cause serious allergies, infections, and in the case of black mold, possibly even death. If you’re unsure whether or not your mold outbreak can be self-treated, it’s best to just call a plumber. Better safe than sorry.