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Culver City residents have a knack for style. The once sleepy residential community was known as the home of Sony Pictures Studios and not much else. That all changed over the past decade though, as the neighborhood began to transform into a destination for cool bars, chic restaurants, and exciting art galleries. Now it’s one of the most desirable neighborhoods on The West Side, and a magnet for tourists and Angelenos from other zip codes alike.

If you live in Culver City and want to keep up with area trends, here are some fun and stylish upgrades for the home.

Walk-in shower

These days design trends favor large showers. Gone are traditional tubs and curtains. In their place: big glass doors that open to floor to ceiling tile. In fact, along with open kitchens, a big shower has become many homeowners’ priority when it comes to remodeling, or purchasing a new residence. Additionally, many people choose to add a high-powered, overhead showerhead to create a natural rain effect. Throw in some high-end, attractive tile, and you can completely transform your whole bathroom.

Tankless water heater

Water heaters have never exactly been a marquee attraction. No one ever showed them off when new visitors came around. Older models are big, clunky and not the most attractive appliance in the home.

However, newer tankless models are sleek and thoroughly modern. In place of a large tank, they now take the form of a small mountable box that heats water on demand, and with the help of the most skilled plumber in Culver City, they can be easily installed. Torrance Plumbing Co will gladly help you upgrade your home, whether you live along Washington Boulevard or near The Kirk Douglas Theater.

Thermostats in the shower

One of the newest trends in luxury design is the thermostat-enhanced showerhead. Sometimes nailing the perfect temperature is no easy task. It’s either a little too hot or excessively luke warm. But with a thermostat, you can control the exact level of heat for maximum comfort. In additionally, certain models offer even more dynamic shower solutions. With specific models, you can control the amount of water used in every shower. It’s the perfect perk for those of us who want a high-performance shower but don’t desire to waste water.


If ‘handspray’ sounds fancy, well, it’s for good reason. Many remodelers now include these ergonomically comfortable showerheads – for the kitchen. That’s right, you can get the power of a showerhead in your sink. However, you don’t always have to use the power spray feature. Many models allow you to switch back and forth between shower and normal power. You get to choose, depending on whether you’re washing vegetables, cleaning dishes, or just rinsing your hands. Additionally, the handsprays have detachable heads, which allow you to position it exactly how you want.