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In Torrance, the real estate market is very competitive among a certain demographic. Located just outside of uber-expensive Redondo Beach, the gem of The South Bay is highly appealing to homeowners looking for a good house at a reasonable price in a great location.

However, with all of the competition, owners who want to sell need to step up their game. It’s just not acceptable to become apathetic during the selling process. Buyers will simply move on to the next prospect if your home looks shabby or worse, has a host of incomplete repairs or other problems. Fortunately, there are a few key things you can do as a seller to separate your home from the herd. Check out these guaranteed tips to increase the likelihood of a sale.

Maintain curb appeal

It’s almost a cliché, but curb appeal is what can instantly make or break a sale. As in life, first impressions go a long way. If buyers are turned off just by looking at an unkempt exterior, then they’ll simply move on. Whether it’s peeling stucco, a torn up yard, or sad garden, one eye sore can seriously undermine a sale, even if the interior is sparkling and ideal for the buyer. It’s easy to put time into curb appeal when you first put your home up for sale – it can even be exciting. The trick is to maintain it throughout the course of selling your house. Don’t get lazy. Make sure you stay focused on the exterior day in and day out.

Disclose all plumbing problems

Every home faces its share of problems at some point. But plumbing issues in particular can scare people off. It’s not uncommon for sellers to reduce the price of a home in exchange for transferring an unfixed repair over to the buyer. However, common sense dictates that if you can fix that leaky pipe, showerhead, or sewer line without breaking the bank, you should. Caring for all plumbing problems – or any issue requiring the work of a contractor for that matter – will not only improve your home’s value, but it’ll make you appear more trustworthy and careful in the eyes of the buyer. Even if buyer and seller never meet in person, relationships are important to the process, so you want to build trust by repairing or at least disclosing any water-related issue.

Repair everything – even the small stuff

Speaking of repairing things, you’ll want to cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s, so to speak. Major issues such as roof replacement or driveway repair should be considered, but even fixing cracks in a window frame or old caulking can help assure potential buyers that your home is a safe bet. And for those long-suffering plumbing issues, contact the best plumber in Hermosa Beach. Torrance Plumbing will restore your home to full working order, whether it’s a clogged drain that you’ve put off, or copper repiping that finally needs to be completed, our team of experts will make sure your house is fully repaired and ready to sell.