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Summer time in Los Angeles means hotter temperatures.  Even with the cool ocean breezes that the South Bay is known for, Torrance can still heat up uncomfortably.  For those of us who can’t get comfortable outside in the shade, we turn to our AC units for solace.

For those of us in Southern California who are lucky enough to have central air, we don’t take it for granted.  That’s why we instantly notice when it stops working.  Hot, stuffy air not only makes our day to day lives uncomfortable and irritating.

So if you find yourself facing a seemingly broken AC unit that’s not producing any cold air, here are a few steps to bringing it back to life.  


The first thing to always do is check your thermostat.  Sounds obvious, right?  But you’d be surprised how many people overlook this step.  Often times the problem is as simple as making sure the mode is correctly set to “Cool.”  Before you dig any deeper into your non-functioning unit, make sure you check this first.

Even a service technician will most certainly give this a look prior to trying anything more complicated.  Do you really want to have to pay someone to come to your home and press a button?


Electricity typically relies on a complicated network of circuits in order to operate.  It’s almost surprising then that the most direct way to fix a common electrical problem is by flipping the circuit breaker.

If the thermostat on your AC unit seems to be working despite a lack of cold air, you need to check the breaker.  Usually your home’s breakers are located in a box that’s mounted on a wall, typically in an out of the way place like a basement.  Examine the breakers and fuses to see if any of them might need replacing. 

Overflow tray

Not all units have a condensate pump, but if yours does, check the tray or reservoir nearby.  Sometimes too much water in the tray can trigger a sensor, which will shut down the entire system.  If the tray has reached capacity, then try emptying it.

If you’ve attempted all of these steps and you’re still wanting for more cold air, then it’s time to call in a professional plumber.  Plumbers obviously work on clogged drains and leaky pipes, but some of us also specialize in AC and heating units.  For the best plumber Los Angeles has to offer, call Torrance Plumbing and Heating.  Using years of expertise from Manhattan Beach to Santa Monica, we’ll identify the problem with your air conditioning, and send out a trained technician to repair it.

Miscellaneous parts

If your problem has more to do with poor air flow from the vents, then you may want to inspect your air filter.  Like cars, a dirty air filter can inhibit the flow of cool, clean air.  Sometimes fixing the problem can be as simple as replacing this part.  Additionally, while it may be difficult to locate it in full, you may try to examine the AC’s ductwork to make sure it hasn’t become disconnected in places.