Welcome to Torrance Plumbing and Heating, your answer to quality air conditioning, heating and plumbing services.  Our name speaks for itself – we are here to provide for your residential, commercial and industrial needs throughout your property. Whether it’s a leaking faucet or a faulty air conditioning unit, your problem can be solved.

Plumbing problems are that one pest that you just can’t seem to keep quiet—when a leaky faucet, faulty air conditioner, or even bigger problems arise, there’s just no avoiding the fact that you need to deal with it. Whether that’s because it causes a spike in your utility bills, or because it begins to emit a certain odor, it’s a problem that affects you more than as a mere inconvenience. But that’s where we come in. Here at Torrance Plumbing, we’re the plumber Los Angeles County and beyond trusts to get plumbing problems taken care of quickly, cleanly, and at a rate you can actually be excited about! We know that we know that from Santa Monica to Pasadena, there are leaky faucets, broken water valves, and clogged disposals that need attention right now, and we want to be the ones to take care of all of it.
How do we propose to take on such an ambitious projected as being the go-to Los Angeles plumber? Well, it’s simple: we’ve been around since 1917, which means we’ve got generations of experience to back us up when we say that we’re the best around. We’ve seen every kind of job, every new technology to sweep the industry in the last century, and have teams of trained, certified expert plumbers who are ready to take care of your broken faucets and leaking pipes today! We encourage you to explore our service options, and you’ll quickly see why our customers call us the best plumber in Los Angeles!


Free Verbal Estimates

We know that when you run into plumbing trouble, the last thing you need to worry about is getting taken advantage of by exorbitant hourly rates. We’ll give you a free estimate up front.

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We have teams all over Los Angeles and the Southern California counties. So much so that when you call us, we’ll have a team out to you within an hour. That’s just what we do.

Experts Since 1917

With nearly 100 years of expert plumbing technicians serving from Gardena to the Gaslamp, we’ve seen the best and the worst in plumbing—and we know exactly how to fix it all.

 Torrance Plumbing and Heating is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you. Enjoy your home or office in every way possible – we can help you.Your home or business should not suffer from such troubles as bad plumbing, poor temperature control or lack of air circulation.  Remove these factors from the equation and receive superior results with us.  We are on your side and want to see you comfortable in your own space.  Contact or visit Torrance Plumbing and Heating today to schedule your next appointment!

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We offer a variety of services, spread all across Southern California from El Cajon to Culver City. Whatever the problem, in a residence or business, our team is more than capable of taking on the project and delivering you results you can count on. From the Foothill Freeway to the PCH, Southern California truly is covered by Torrance Plumbing! We offer emergency plumbing services Los Angeles can count on any time of the day or night. No matter where you are in Southern California, we have teams standing by ready to be at your house in under an hour. That’s the kind of service you’ll get with us every time.
We know that when a pipe bursts, or a shower drain clogs, you don’t want to have to wait until a “normal” hour to call—you want that fixed as soon as possible so that you can prevent further damage to your home, and stop your day from being completely ruined. We have your interests in mind, not our own, so we try to make it as fast and affordable as possible. Our goal is to keep your home or office clean, and make it feel like your problem had never even been there—so whether you’re a restaurant in the Grove, the museum bathrooms at the Getty, or a business down in the Gaslamp quarter, we want your kitchen sinks, copper pipes, and underground plumbing systems to be running as smoothly as the Surfliner through San Clemente. Give us a call today!